Fashion vs Human Understanding

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Fashion vs Human Understanding

Sometime it’s very easy to understand & sometime very hard to understand. Why is there fashion needed in human life. As we all came in this universe without clothes so why is there need clothes when we grow up slowly.

Today we share our thought of understanding about fashion

                                     5 way of fashion understanding







:- What is the fashion ?

This is the most attractive question in human life “What is the fashion”. I think everyone in this world knows what is the fashion in different way. Everyone has different thought of fashion. Some people think wearing the cloths is fashion, someone says looking stylish is fashion etc,

However, fashion is symbol of happiness which give you inner satisfaction, confidence and unique look from others, which make you more content in this world 

:- When people understand the fashion is important in real life ?

There is no specific year to identify that fashion comes in picture. Fashion always comes from inside of heart. When you wear any outfit and which gives you more confident & unique look from others, it means you are a self-model who represent theirs in front of people.

Gradually, it comes in trend and people started understand what is the fashion and wear the cloths in different way or different looks which consider as a trending fashion of the day or year.

:- Where the fashion came from ?

There is no specific country, state, region or any place etc. The birth of fashion every day, every moment. every time, only things is need to understand the fashion comes, it is your inner sole what they said, when you wear outfit for daily use.

:- Why fashion is need since years ?

In this universe fashion is need to make your visibility in your world, country, state, place or where you live.  Your dressing sense symbol of your life style & prestige.

:- How fashion works in daily life ?

It’s very hard to understand, how fashion works in our daily life. Most of the time when we go out without thinking what we wore up. But in case when we met someone outside & they pointed out on your apparel, that time we understand wearing a good cloth are how much important in daily life.